Surviving and thriving in the Women's sector

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One of our Trustees, Lisa Hilder is undertaking some research into longer term funding mechanisms for ferminist women's organisations in the voluntary and community sector.

Based on the work at Preston Road Women's Centre over the last fifteen years and experience of generating income through grants, contracts and social investment, this research will focus on the opportunities and barriers for women's organisations to become more financially resilient.

Many organisations are trapped in the hamster wheel of short term revenue funding through grants and contracts and beholden to commissioners and funders with differeing levels of understanding in relation to women's needs and the feminist agenda. Generating self finance means women's organisations can maintain an independent voice and be responsive to emerging needs presented by women who walk through the door of local services.

A key part of the research will be to produce a toolkit for women's organisations to use to start to generate their own funds - this toolkit will be available to any organisation taking part.

Click here to download an extract of the research proposal

The research will commence in earnest in September 2017 - if you are interested in learning more or would like to take part, please complete the survey at the link below from Monday 11th September 




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